How to Get a Free Funnel

Done For You, by Sophie Nicole Casey

How does it work?

Step 1 - Chat with SophBot 🤖

Click one of the buttons below (choose Facebook or Instagram Messenger) to get started.

SophBot 🤖 will ask you a few questions to check that you are ready and eligible to proceed.

You will be given an opportunity to view the platform, request a follow up in a few months, and/or chat directly with me.

You will NOT be tied to anything at this stage, it's simply a screening process.

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Step 2 - Screening Complete

Depending on how the chat with my Bot goes, your application will be accepted, postponed or rejected.

👉 If your application is accepted, you will be sent access to join the included course where you will receive your Strategy, Groundwork and Copy workbooks.

You will NOT start your free trial at this stage. When the time is right, you will be prompted to do this.

Again, you are not tied to anything at this stage.

👉If your application is postponed, I will follow up with you in 3 months.

👉If your application is rejected by you or SophBot, that's the end - you are welcome to hang out with me in other places! 💙

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Step 3 - Accepted Applications Only

You will have a chance to work through the Strategy, Groundwork and Content docs at your own pace.

When you are ready to proceed you will be prompted to upload your branding and copy workbooks, and start your free trial.

When you have started your free trial, we start work on your funnel!

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Step 4 - Funnel Completion

We will prepare your funnel as quickly as possible to enable you to get the most out of your free trial.

Meanwhile, you are free to use the platform for other things - connect your Social Media accounts, Group Leads, ChatGPT, set up your Call Booking Calendar, or design a website - it's entirely up to you!

Once the funnel is complete you will be provided with guidance on how to manage this.

Tweak it, duplicate it, do what you like!

It's yours forever 😘

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The Screening Application should start automatically when you click one of the below buttons.

If for any reason it doesn't start automatically, simply type the words 'Free Funnel' and hit send.

Alternatively, you can select the 'Free Funnel' option from the Hamburger Menu (button with 3 lines), Conversation Starters, or Quick Start Buttons 👇


How much does the platform cost?

The platform costs just $97/month with everything unlimited. You will receive a 1 month free trial (normally 2 weeks) to allow extra time for us to build you your funnel.

It's built on Go High Level (GHL), with all the same features plus more. GHL costs $297/month for unlimited and is by far the best All-in-One platform out there.

In comparison, while Kajabi does not have an Unlimited offer, the closest version costs $319/month. Kartra costs $549/month on the equivalent level.

Other similar platforms are Systeme ($97/month) and FG Funnels ($129/month).

And none of these platforms come with a FREE Done For You Funnel!

How long does it take you to create the funnel?

Once we have received your completed information, branding and copy workbooks, provided everything has been completed in full we can get the first draft to you within a few working days.

Depending on any changes, back and forth, and/or delays in correspondence due to time differences, weekends and/or public holidays, the completed funnel can be ready in as little as 1 week.

What happens if I need support?

We will support you throughout the period, and provide demonstrations on managing your new funnel.

You can find further support in the Gold Star Pro support Facebook group, and via the 24/7 live chat feature.

If you require any further assistance such as strategy, coaching or anything else, I can offer support in the form of a membership, one-off sessions or a coaching package.

How long do I get access to the course materials?

You will get lifetime access - you can use, reuse and replicate this as many times as you like, and apply it to other funnel types.

What's the name of the platform?

Gold Star Pro (GSP) - you can view it here.

Note: do NOT start your free trial until prompted to do so.

How many email subscribers can I have?


Are there transaction fees charged?

There are none from Gold Star Pro, but you can be charged by Stripe or PayPal as normal

Does the platform have a live chat feature?

Yes - you can communicate via Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and SMS from the same screen, and add a live chat widget to your site/funnels which connect to Facebook Messenger

Can I link my Google Calendar and/or Zoom?

Yes, it has direct integration with both Google Calendar and Zoom

Can I send out monthly newsletters and create email automations on this platform?

Yes, both

What's the difference between Gold Star Pro (GSP) and Go High Level (GHL)?

  • GSP is built on GHL meaning it has all the same features

  • GSP has more features that aren't included in GHL, such as Social Media Scheduling, Group Leads Access Included, ChatGPT and so on

  • GSP costs $97/month for Unlimited, whereas GHL costs $297/month for Unlimited

Can I have more than one domain (URL) on my account?

Yes, you have unlimited domains, and you can use these in your websites and funnels

Can I use the same domain for my website pages and funnels?


Can I create courses, memberships and group programmes on there?


Is there text messaging (SMS) included?

Yes you can set up SMS with an existing number or obtain a number from the platform.

Please note with SMS fees apply, and you are granted a number of free SMS messages per month

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